Paper Fashion Show

The dark version – Announcement

The inverse light version – Tickets on sale

Paper Fashion Show Black from Studio HEFT on Vimeo.

About Project

Danny Cohen

The Art Directors Club of Denver contracted the production of two quick videos to announce the call for entries for the 2014 Paper Fashion Show and another video to announce when ticket sales began. The decision to create in Black and white and use the ‘inverse’ of the footage and graphics created two very cool results. Both of these promotional projects were shot, edited and designed in under 48 hours as a donation to ADCD. There is 3D Typography elements during the shoot that was made to look like we cut out the letters from paper. We tried to do this with practical, however it was just taking too long so Gary created the boolean text in 3Dstudio max.

CD – Christopher Cox
DP – Gary Tussey
CONCEPT – Drunk Gary and Chris.
DESIGN – Chris Cox
EDIT – Gary Tussey
MOGRAPH – Gary Tussey
MUSIC – Dynamite Laser Beam

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