Gary Tussey

Gary Tussey is an Emmy award-winning animator/director with a diverse set of skills. His work has been seen everywhere from the digital billboards in NYC Time Square, to national television. After cutting his animator teeth working as a medical animator for all four branches of the military, he went on to work in the private tech sector in 3D Arch Viz and Product Viz, and Forensic animation. Soon after he was hired to create regional TV commercials and reality TV show opens and graphics packages for HGTV and Discovery with Orion Multimedia. After finally making the jump into full-time freelance, his creativity and work ethic took the driver’s seat, creating world class advertising and marketing creative for top ad firms in the US. With passion and a DIY mentality, Gary has the deep insight into the needs of clients, and helps to effectively solve the thorniest of creative problems. His specialties include: directing, motion graphic design, 2d/3d animation, photography, film F/X & compositing, and illustration. Gary holds an associate’s degree in Computer animation from the Art Institute and has worked in his industry for almost two decades. He is honored and inspired to join the Crahmanti team and collaborate with his new creative colleagues.

Gary currently lives in Denver (also his birthplace), where he’s raising his daughter. Together they make art, and enjoy Colorado’s outdoor offerings by frequently camping and snowboarding.

How did 3D come into the picture?


Gary got kicked out of typing class in junior high for taking apart the typewriter. They put him in shop class and he never looked back, building nine pieces of custom furniture before graduating high school. Gary was lucky enough to have some of the best shop teachers and facilities in any Colorado public school.

What else can you tell me?

Spatial thinking

Started out using a T-Square and Triangle, thinking in multiple dimensions made it easy for Gary to visualize how complicated things fit together and to move into 3D softwares such as AutoCad 3D Studio Max and Maya becoming expert in all three.

What else can he do?

I partner with my clients

Gary considers every client a partner of his and treats them with the care and attention that any custom artist would.  It is important to Gary that the experience of the creative process be as seamless as possible between the clients goals/budgets/needs.

Gary is just one guy right?

Get some Great Clients

Gary does a lot of things at advanced levels; golf, tennis, ski, board, climb, rebuild engines and cars, design and build furniture and concrete countertops, race cars, race motorcycles, race anything, survival and EMT training.

Personal History

2009 - 2014

  • 1999

    Graduated Art Institute of Colorado with Animation degree.

  • 2000

    10 years Medical animation for the Military and tech sector in Denver Colorado. Classified.

  • 2012

    Director of animation for Change The Thought and HEFT collective.

    IBM, ADCD, Karsh Hagan, Vail Resorts, Boost Box.

  • 2014

    I saw him at his desk. Try to hit him up on twitter.