Groove Subaru

5 Spot Set 2010

About Project


Freelance 3D Groove car commercials. 3 different spots and multiple different vehicles.
All production of this was done on a single machine and it was rendered in a render farm in Costa Rica. Using V-Ray lighting and textures in 3Dstudio Max Gary was asked to take over a job that another production company just after it was started. The amount of work and animation and compositing is intense in these commercials.

All green screen keying, and tracking as well as all editing, texturing lighting and animation was done by the guy you are about to hire. Gary Tussey This was pretty much a one two man show with Irwin and Tussey working closely together though the project.

CD – Jeremy Irwin Agency Zero
Animation – Gary Tussey
Composite – Gary Tussey
Effects – Gary Tussey
Design – Gary Tussey

If you need help with anything or have questions about this project please email