Wildlife Experience

Globeology - 2010 Emmy Award


About Project


Wildlife Experience Museum contacted DATA Inc.in 2009 to create a regional HD commercial. The budget was tight and the deadline was for their largest media buy ever which included print bus and billboard adds and this TV commercial. Visitors increased almost 80% as a result of this creative commercial and the new exhibit. This 3D commercial was entered to win an Emmy a year after it was created and WON.

Gary handled this as

CD – Gary Tussey
Concept & Boards – Gary Tussey
Animation – Gary Tussey
Edit and composite – Gary Tussey
Textures – Adam Hass
Design – Veroncia Sword
Kid 3D models – Jeff Prine
TD – Tom Richardson

If you need help with anything or have questions about this project please email me@garytussey.com