Meet Our Team

Behind the Scenes

Working out of a little post modern home studio in Denver Colorado with 3 dedicated spaces for creative production. It includes a large art studio and a double wide shop-space which are both essential the hands on mentality dedicated to each project.

Every freelancer needs a good team of people on their side. This one is vital to YOUR project completion. There is a laundry list of challenges they help each-other tackle every day.

Kyle Jhonson



Born in 1978 and raised in Colorado. Experience is the training, the AA/BA Computer Animation degree is only for show.

Gary is a problem solver; a builder of things, an experimentalist, an engineer, inventor, fabricator, animator and artist with a DIY mentality.

Susana Jacobs



The brightest inspiration in Gary's life is this little girl. They do everything together and as a full time daddy they are as best friends as the are each-others teachers. She is a future designer and awesome snowboarder.

She can turn a mean wrench, has rebuilt various small engines with her dad and plays the piano and runs an animal jam Blog.

Maria Castillo



KAT (short for Katrina) was rescued after hurricane Katrina ripped through the South in 2005.  Since then she has become a vital part of daily operations causing countless keyboard shortages and liquid spills in the most endearing way. We love this Cat.

Norma Stewart



Bailey is the true mascot of this team.  He sleeps on the couch, chases balls, and sheds everywhere in the studio. He brings smiles and joy to everyone around him and he protects Kat from getting to comfortable.

Was cover dog for Golden Retriever Journal April May 2014


Was cover dog for Golden Retriever Journal April May 2014